Struggling to find the perfect gift for the man or men in your life? It can be hard to find a holiday gift that will be both a show-stopper and also something useful.

Trust us, the struggle is real!

For the holiday season 2018, we have rounded up our favorite gifts that will WOW your special someone.

UNDER $100

Does your guy constantly lose his keys? Or his phone? His tools? Tile Mate is the answer, and it now comes in three models: the Mate, the Pro, and the Slim. The Slim is perfect to tuck inside a wallet or passport, while the Pro features a louder alarm and longer range. The tiles pair with an app on your phone, so you can easily see where your lost item ended up.

Amazon Echo Dot. If he is into tech but still doesn’t have an Alexa device, it is time for you to help him upgrade! The Echo Dot is the perfect gift because in addition to providing voice-activated music and answers to all his questions, he can also start designing his smart home! The Echo Dot is compatible with smart home devices that let you use your voice to turn on lights, lock doors, adjust the temperature, and more.

If he is already on the Alexa train, upgrade him with the Amazon Fire TV Cube. With the Cube, he will be able to channel surf from the couch without needing to find the remote! This awesome device combines voice activation with Amazon Fire TV.

GIFTS $100 – $199

Have a car guy in your life? The Automatic Pro – Connected Car Adapter is the perfect gift for the gear head who wants to know more about his car. The Automatic Pro can run diagnostics. Plus, it features real-time vehicle tracking, crash alert and unlimited 3G syncing for five years.

Yale Real Living Assure Lock. This touchscreen deadbolt will keep your home safe, and you’ll never have to fish out your keys from a deep pocket to enter your house again! These bolts also integrate with a Smart Home Automation system and come in three finishes – stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass.

GIFTS $200+

Have a sports or outdoors enthusiast on your list? Help him “Kill it” on social media with a Go Pro Hero7. He’ll get great shots while skiing, surfing, sailing, or ziplining with this waterproof, shockproof, action camera. New for this model: stabilization and streaming support.  

Sound quality from your Alex speakers leaving you disappointed?  The high-quality Monitor Audio Bronze 1 bookshelf speakers will help your music lover truly create an in-home audio experience. Connect with his Alexa or other streaming devices to bring the full sound quality to one room or the whole house! BTS carries the entire Monitor Audio speaker line.

Vinyl albums maybe be back on trend. However, the old record players can continue gathering dust, thanks to the many upgrades available on today’s modern turntables! The Rega Planar 1 turntable is the 3-year winner of the What HI-FI Award for best turntable under $550. Two finishes available – gloss black or white.

Does he love his high-tech entertainment center, but you hate all the remotes? Then you both will love the Pro Control Pro24.r Remote! This universal remote allows for one-touch control of all your devices. The LCD screen and the buttons are all fully customizable to create his perfect all-in-one remote control.

Yamaha Music Cast Sound Bar 400 with Subwoofer. For the WOW of surround sound without the hassel of cabling rear speakers, this sound projector features the ability to connect to your favorite music streaming service and also integrates with Alexa devices.

For more information on any of these products, talk to your trained BTS technologist today! We can provide valuable advice and tips for the perfect, seamless installation.

Happy Holidays and enjoy time with all those soon-to-be-ecstatic men in your life.