Technology can make the difference in your next home construction or interior design.

New home buyers envision smart technologies throughout the house, technologies that are automated or linked to their smart phones. Modern consumers want to take full advantage of the digital era, using electronics to save energy, secure their safety and enhance their home and family life. We can help.


Delaware’s Beyond the Studs is a full-service provider of smart technologies for the builder who wants to offer these features in a new home. 

Builders use our home automation systems to obtain LEED certification, an increasingly important selling point for consumers. Our high-tech green technologies include zoned HVAC, remote lighting controls and automatic window shades that reduce a home’s carbon footprint and save money. We use the latest industry standard residential and commercial wiring designed to exceed current needs and to meet 21st century communication demands.


Interior designers work with Beyond the Studs for a seamless transition to a fully equipped home or theater.

We work with designers to accommodate their vision. They trust us to install components as hidden treasures of technology.  Designers aim for eye appeal, and Beyond the Studs enhances that goal. We work with speakers that recess into ceilings or walls and smart phone technologies that reduce clutter on walls. We offer specialty products such as mirror TVs and TV lifts to masterfully blend technology into the room. We offer custom theater furniture that incorporates the woods and fabrics the designer has chosen. We work with cabinetmakers and carpenters to finish rooms that blend our clients’ desires for technology with their desired aesthetic.

Beyond the Studs can help you create
smarter homes and striking designs with the latest technology.

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