Wireless outdoor motion sensors are becoming a popular home-security component.

If your home is not protected by a security system, a wireless outdoor motion sensor is a good alternative. If you do have a security system, outdoor motion sensors are an excellent addition for areas of your home that are not covered by the security system.

A motion sensor detects movement within its field of view through technologies including photo sensors and infrared sensors. Photo sensors can be used to activate a security camera or an automatic door. Infrared sensors detect motion through changes in the temperatures of people and animals entering the detector’s field of view; they are not triggered by things such as moving cars or tree branches. When the motion sensor detects movement, it sends a signal to sound an alarm, turn on a light, or activate a camera.

Determining the placement of the motion sensor is important. Wireless motion sensors are battery-operated, which offers greater placement flexibility over hard-wired versions. In addition, the device’s field of view can be adjusted to tailor it to cover any size area.

Wireless outdoor motion sensors are an effective, flexible, convenient deterrent, making them a great addition to your home-security arsenal.

Beyond-the-Studs will work with you to select a wireless outdoor motion sensor that meets your individual needs and budget.