Network Cameras are a great answer to a host of common needs. For example, you might want to see what is happening in each of several stores that you operate, or you might be concerned about your vacation residence, or want to monitor your warehouse.

The network camera sends images to a cell phone or a personal computer connected to the internet, making it a truly revolutionary way to keep an eye on locations such as these no matter how far away they are, or what time of day it is.

Business Use Applications

The costs involved in collecting real-time information on customer traffic and inventory, or watching over a warehouse or parking lot can soar, and there can be dangers involved. With a network camera, you can reduce expenses for traveling, and labor expenses. In short, you enjoy both economy and peace of mind.

Shop Management

The multi-camera function lets you monitor multiple stores at a glance, thus reducing the need for routine visits to the stores. Since the voice communication function allows you to talk with the store staff while viewing the camera you can exchange information smoothly.

Parking Area Surveillance Installing cameras can be a crime deterrent. The pan and tilt functions let you effectively monitor even large parking areas with fewer cameras, making it very cost effective.

Warehouse Management

Since the real-time monitoring of stock enables prompt restocking, you can help prevent stock shortages. Furthermore, the high-powered zoom can give you a clear view; even let you view details like price tags at a distance, improving work efficiency.

Home Use Applications

The network camera is a great solution for anyone who wants to monitor a distant location, like a vacation home at the beach, or even across the world. It is also an answer for mothers who want to be at their children’s side at all times, and pet owners who want to make sure that their pets are safe and well.

Watch Your Home

The human detection sensor detects temperature changes in your empty house and sends the image to the PC at your office, so you only need to check the camera image when there is an abnormal change in your house. When you return home and no longer require monitoring, you can close the camera lens to protect your privacy.

Watch Your Vacation Residence You can monitor a distant vacation residence right from home, to improve security. When combined with an optional TV adaptor, you can watch the image on a TV. If an intruder is detected, a buzzer sounds to let you know.

Watch Your Child’s Room

The network camera lets you watch your sleeping child without entering the child’s room, so you can continue with whatever you are doing. Color night view mode clearly shows the face of your sleeping child even in darker rooms where the light would be insufficient for conventional cameras.

Watch Your Pets

You can watch your pets while on vacation, so you feel close to your animals always. Because images can be temporarily recorded during specified zone times in the camera’s built-in memory, you can view them at your leisure after returning home.

You can view the network camera images on your PC, compatible cell phone, or PDA via the internet. A variety of functions also let you control the camera right from these devices. So, whether your needs are in your business or in your home, you’ll appreciate being able to “Be here and watch there.”

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