As technology increases, so do our questions. Why purchase something today when it may be obsolete in two years?  The experts at Beyond-The-Studs have that question answered, but they choose to show you the answers, rather than tell you. As consumers and homeowners, the need for convenience, comfort, design, and practicality often conflict with each other. How can we get the latest technology but also have it fit into our home’s decor? How can I control my heating/AC, lighting, audio, TV and video entertainment, and blinds or shades, even when I’m not at home?

Stereotypically, the gadget-gendered male wanted all things “techy” while the style-centered female wanted practicality coupled with taste.  Now, through the latest design capabilities, expertly performed by Beyond-The-Studs, those two concepts have met on shared ground. No longer does the large TV and components need to be a wired mess. No longer does controlling your entire home’s electronics from away from home require a BS in Science. Your home can now be fully automated, but best of all, you will understand how to do it and will quickly learn all the advantages of doing so. Your entertainment, comfort, security, and communication can be handled with a simple push of a button, optimizing the performance of each of those aspects.

Beyond-The-Studs can design an automation system for your entire home, one that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle, taste, style, and budget.  You can call (302) 428-6080 to visit their state-of-the-art showroom at 2702 Lancaster Ave.,  Wilmington, DE or online at