When was the last time you tried to change the schedule on your pool/spa controller? Rather than changing the schedule, do you find yourself manually changing the settings and then waiting sometimes hours for the pool or spa to become comfortable?  Home Logic offers control solutions that enhance a home owner’s comfort, convenience and peace-of-mind. One such system, theOneHome, offers a Pool/Spa Tab with an easy-to-use interface to control temperatures, schedules, lights, fountains and other water features. Because the OneHome interface is simple and easy-to-use, you will narrow in on the best schedules that fit your lifestyle, and as the seasons change, easily adjust to keep the proper balance of comfort and energy savings.  For the ultimate in backyard atmosphere, take advantage of the Pool/Spa Tab to easily control and schedule your backyard lighting.  With full support for color lights in a pool or spa, fiber optic color lights in streams, flower beds or in trees, in addition to standard and dimming lights around the back yard, you get simple control to create just the right environment.  The Pool/Spa Tab also integrates salt water chlorine generators, so you can easily manage and control the chlorine level in your pool without having to work with or handle chlorine.

Features and Benefits

Convenience: Control all of your pool systems from one place, with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Flexible Scheduling:

Setup the schedules for your filter pump, cleaner, and all of your water features. Use solar heating during the day if it’s available, and then automatically switch to the electric heater for a specific amount of time during the evening.

Lighting: Manage standard, color and fiber optic lighting in the pool or around your backyard. Set the color of any light, change dim levels, or start sophisticated color changing scenes.

Energy Savings: Use the history view to quickly see how much time the pump is running, or the lights and heater are on, and adjust accordingly.

Comfort: Connect to your system before you leave work, and arrive home for a relaxing dip in your ready-to-use spa.

Locally, Beyond-the-Studs provides custom electronic systems, such as the OneHome System, to enhance your life. To find out more about this and other home solutions, contact Greta at 302-428.6080.

Beyond the Studs is committed to preserving (or even enhancing) the beauty and architectural elements of the rooms in which we work. Whether we are designing an elegant boardroom or retrofitting an historical home, we take the necessary steps to ensure that the electronic elements will be masterfully hidden or blended into the room. We strive to achieve harmony between the electronic systems we design and the architecture of the homes and offices in which they operate. We fill your space with hidden treasures of technology. When not in use, our systems are subtle and understated; but turn one on and they are anything but! Beyond the Studs is not a traditional electronics retailer nor do we simply “install” retail products. Rather, we are a solution driven business dedicated to providing value added design, implementation, integration, and maintenance services that ensure that your technology purchases work for you and not the other way around.