Super Bowl Champ Greg Jennings is the MVP of His Family’s Entertainment System Thanks to ELAN

As an elite athlete in a team sport, Greg Jennings knows a thing or two about coordination. The Super Bowl champion, two-time Pro Bowler and current starting wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings understands that not only does he have to perform perfectly to make a play work, but every player on the team has to work together and do exactly what they are supposed to. This mindset of perfect performance carried over into his home when he recently upgraded to an ELAN smart home control system, which he chose because of its high reliability, simple user interface, wide third-party component support and future expandability.

“We knew the ELAN system would make life easier,” Jennings said, “and it puts a new spin on the idea of less is more. Now we have less electronic components in each room with less frustration to get everything working. We instead have more functionality and more enjoyment with our automation equipment. It wouldn’t have worked for our family if it were hard to use.” Local integration firm Automation Design + Entertainment introduced Jennings to ELAN and handled the system design and installation.

“ELAN’s recent advancements in usability, component support, streaming music service support and the newer touch panels and remotes make it one of the best home control systems available,” Cook said. “The mobile accessibility is a huge benefit, especially for someone who travels a lot, and the seamless integration with his HAI security system and HAI thermostats give him complete mobile control and accessibility. They no longer have to wonder if the house is okay, because they have eight cameras that they can check in on anytime, anywhere.”

“We entertain family and friend pretty often for Sunday dinners, and it’s so convenient to have control of everything from my iPhone.” Greg Jennings, Pro Football Player