When designing the home, contractors made a variety of distinct modifications to make Ross’ daily life as easy as possible. The home comes equipped with the smoothest flooring, allowing Ross’ Paramobile to glide with ease, eliminating steps and split levels in and around the entire house. What’s more, an ELAN entertainment and control system was installed so Ross can operate the motorized shades, thermostat, security system, multi-room audio, lighting and entertainment system through two ELAN gTP7 in-wall touch panels, an ELAN gHR200 remote, plus an app on his iPhone or iPad.

“Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for Jason to operate his entire house from one location,” System Designer at eHome Lifestyle Matt Kindle stated. “It was important for us to provide Jason with this whole-home control through ELAN, so he doesn’t have to strap into his Paramobile to complete minuscule tasks like turning off lights, locking the door or changing the thermostat.”

Working with Aaron Lawrence, owner of Audio video Elements, Franklin Synergy Bank was able to maximize its real estate by creating an AV system that works double duty in a convertible conference room with a retractable divider. Thanks to the ingenuity of the integrator and the flexibility of the ELAN system, the room’s AV system can be operated easily whether it is utilized as a single large conference room with one media presentation, or as two smaller rooms with separate audio and video for each room. The room includes two identical projection systems with motorized projection screens that drop from the ceiling, along with six pairs of in-ceiling speakers and two wireless microphones. Video can be displayed from permanently connected cable boxes, users’ laptops or a Blu-ray player. When the motorized divider is open, the full room can be controlled from a 7” ELAN touchpanel to the right of the projection screens, and when the divider is closed, that same touchpanel controls only the right side equipment, while a second 7” ELAN touchpanel adjacent to the left projection screen controls the left side equipment. Lawrence programmed the system so that this happens seamlessly, with no work required to switch between a single- or dual-room configuration. Even though the technology is very advanced, it took less than 10 minutes to show employees how to use it. “That’s what’s so great about the ELAN system—it can perform all these really powerful automation processes but is easy enough for a complete technophobe to operate,” explains Lawrence.