As a company grows, its technology infrastructure can get complicated quickly. At Franklin Synergy Bank’s new headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee, the company is taking steps to keep things simple, starting with its recent installation of an ELAN control system.

I use ELAN every day at home and at the Cake Factory,” Valastro said, “so I knew it was the perfect choice to give my employees and managers total control of the audio and video at the new Carlo’s Bakery in Ridgewood. As Carlo’s Bakery continues to grow I’ll need technologies that make it easier for me to manage operations at multiple locations, and one of the reasons I love the ELAN system is I can expand it later to provide remote access to security and surveillance.”

With plans to open several additional Carlo’s Bakery locations by the end of 2014, Valastro will benefit from the remote capabilities of the advanced ELAN system and be able to quickly check in on multiple locations right from his iPhone. According to 360 Media Innovations co-owner Abiose Gale, the technology at the new Carlo’s Bakery isn’t just the wave of the future, but the reality of the present that can make managing retail locations easier and even provide financial savings over the long term.

I use ELAN every day at home and at the Cake Factory.”
-Buddy Valastro, Celebrity Chef and ELAN user