A HOME THEATER can provide years of sports and movie entertainment for you, your family and friends. Before you embark on a HOME THEATER project, consider the following:

  • BUDGET: Can you afford do-it-yourself, totally custom, or something in between? Factor in any construction material and labor costs, as well as equipment and furnishings.
  • TIMELINE:  Create a realistic timeframe for completing your HOME THEATER project. If you decide to work with a HOME THEATER professional, he or she will do this for you.
  • LOCATION: Do you want to create a HOME THEATER in an extra bedroom or den area, or a larger room, such as a basement? Your budget will be a big factor in this decision.
  • EQUIPMENT:  Flat screen television or rear-projection? What size screen will your room require? Basic DVD player or Blu-ray? How many speakers? Can you tackle the wiring, connections and calibrations yourself? Consult a HOME THEATER DESIGN professional for equipment advice, and consider letting your HOME THEATER DESIGN pro do the installation.
  • SEATING:  Theater-style seating isn’t a must. Consider comfortable sofas, chairs or recliners. Just ensure that each seat in the room has a good view of the screen.
  • LIGHT CONTROL: Devices to dim lights and block daylight from windows can be integrated into your HOME THEATER DESIGN.

Regardless of the size of your home theater, it’s advisable to work with a HOME THEATER SYSTEMS PHILADELPHIA professional on all or part of your project. Working with a HOME THEATER WILMINGTON professional will ensure that your room design meets your desires, your timeline and your budget.