Conference Rooms

Technology stays out of the way so you can get down to business.

Board room to meeting rooms, a full multimedia system that is easier to use than ever before. Simple one button operation, easy to understand touch screens all coupled with your media to help with your presentations or meetings.



  • Dedicated networked computer unit, preferably with wireless keyboard and mouse and adequate audio sound system peripherals for entire room
  • Rear-screen projection unit or at least an installed overhead projection unit with multiple connection nodes
  • Multi-purpose white board
  • Document camera system for projecting 3-D opaque items and data
  • Room scheduling unit and information display board


  • Access to natural lighting via a window, skylight or through interior glass walls
  • Lighting control to allow dimming of overall room light, including control over natural day light window shades
  • Adequate task lighting where necessary with separate controls
  • Task light dimming or non-reflective lighting near presentation area

Wiring and Facilities:

  • In-wall from dedicated computer to projector
  • Power and network cabling at work areas and at presentation area
  • Power and network cabling options around perimeters
  • Easy access to connection nodes
  • HVAC systems placement with independent room controls and quiet dampers
  • Wall and ceiling acoustical dampers
  • Location to support rooms (rest rooms, copy machine, lobby) or building entrance


  • Comfortable seating with at least 10-12 inches of community space between chairs
  • Multi-functional power and task enabled tables that can be arranged in multiple configurations
  • Storage cabinet buffet unit near entrance that can double as concierge counter
  • Presentation station containing PC, video deck, and light controls near projection area
  • Darker matte finish work surfaces to limit light reflection

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