Greta Colgan

President, CEO, Electronic Architect and Designer

Greta E Colgan founded BTS Enterprises, Inc (formerly The Preferred Solution, Inc.) in 1997 in Wilmington, DE. Greta is a systems integrator committed to identifying the best of computer network, audio/video, security, and environmental control technologies and shaping them into multi-dimensional, user friendly systems.

Ms Colgan earned a B.S., cum laude, from Lehigh University in 1980, placing her among the first women to graduate from this formerly all male university. She draws upon her 20 years of technology and project management experience. She began implementing computer automation systems in 1988 as an employee of Himont, Inc. She was recruited by Hewlett-Packard Company in March of 1994 and served three years as a Lead Development Engineer spearheading the development of a $5 million laboratory automation system for a Fortune 50 pharmaceutical manufacturer.

About Our Team

Eager to Learn and Committed to Providing the Best Installation for You.

Open Integration

Beyond the Studs is not an advocate for a particular vendor or product line. We are dedicated to designing systems based on “tried and true” industry standards. We maximize the available choices and minimize the cost by integrating products from an open, competitive market.

Innovative Ideas

Beyond the Studs is not a traditional electronics retailer nor do we simply “install” retail products. Rather, we are a solution driven business dedicated to providing value added design, implementation, integration, and maintenance services that ensure that your technology purchases work for you… and not the other way around.

Advanced Technology

As a system integrator with 15 years experience designing and implementing mission critical systems for corporate and military clients, I am routinely challenged to provide technology solutions that are cost effective, reliable, and meet the unique needs of my clients. Beyond The Studs was founded on the principal that purchasers of consumer electronics and small business systems, deserve no less.

Customer Service

Beyond the Studs promotes the highest standards of quality control and customer service through ongoing process improvement initiatives. We understand that in the end the only opinion that matters belongs to our customer.

Where Technology And Design Connect

Who We Are

Drawn by the new vision of technology in homes and small businesses, Ms Colgan has devoted her energy to expanding her area of expertise to include audio/video, security, lighting control, and HVAC systems. She has earned residential and commercial certifications in video display calibration from Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and audio calibration certification from Home Acoustic Alliance (HAA).

The mission of Beyond the Studs is to provide home owners and small businesses with custom electronics solutions that enhance the quality of their life and the value of their homes and businesses. We leverage our skills and experience to select from among the many available high quality components intended for use in the Pro and Custom Installation market, those components that will best meet your unique needs and desires.

Our team consists of people who are eager to learn and willing to commit time both on and off the job to improve their knowledge base and skill set. We augment self study with opportunities for continuing education so that you can rest assured that we are providing the best solution possible to meet your needs.

We conduct ourselves at all times as respectful guests in your home or office. We take pride in our ability to effectively protect your property from damage and to mitigate the impact of our presence on your lifestyle.

Beyond the Studs is committed to preserving (or even enhancing) the beauty and architectural elements of the rooms in which we work. Whether we are designing an elegant boardroom or retrofitting a historical home, we take the necessary steps to ensure that the electronic elements will be masterfully hidden or blended into the room. We strive to achieve harmony between the electronic systems we design and the architecture of the homes and offices in which they operate. We fill your space with hidden treasures of technology. When not in use, our systems are subtle and understated; but turn one on and they are anything but!



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